How can I improve the lifetime of my strings?

The problem of the wear of the strings and how to improve the lifetime is still a matter of debate. There are many factors such as the perspiration, the composition of the strings, the atmosphere where the strings are used – warm, wet, etc – that defines the lifetime of a strings. The more care, the more duration. Clean the strings after using them. Easy as it may seem, the cleaning can help a lot. For more durability, try Magma Coated E.D. (Extended Durability) strings for electric guitar, acoustic and bass. They are designed with a wound with coated wire that provides the same sound and appearance of our traditional strings and keeps the tone of "new string" 3 or 5 times more.

Which is the difference between the strings for acoustic guitar 85/15, 80/20 and phosphor bronze?

MAGMA Acoustic Guitar Strings are made with 85/15 bronze alloy of finest quality that creates an intermediate sound between the brilliance and depth of the traditional bronze 80/20 and the warmth and brilliance of phosphor bronze. Excellent for all acoustic styles. MAGMA Acoustic Guitar Strings are made with the traditional 80/20 bronze alloy of finest quality. They are characterized by their crisp, deep and bright sound. Excellent for all acoustic styles. MAGMA Acoustic Guitar Strings are made with phosphor bronze alloy of finest quality that provides the ideal balance between the volume, bright and warm tone needed to produce the best acoustic sound.

Which is the difference among "Patagonia Unplugged", "Magma Phosphor Bronce" and "Magma Coated Phosphor bronce" acoustic guitar?

Unplugged Patagonia strings are a 85/15 bronze alloy which offer a potent,clear and brilliant sound. The difference between these strings and the ones made with phosphor bronze is that the alloy of the last mentioned gives as a result a greater quality sound than traditional bronze strings, and is required by the majority of the professionals.

What are Magma Transpositor strings?

Magma Transpositor system for the classic guitar offers a novel string construction designed to enhance the variety of sounds and tunings allowing the classic guitar to reach a higher sound range than other string instrument. They are offered in different tunings for guitars with standard acoustic body and vibrant lengths. These unique tuning models of exclusive design for classic guitar are very useful for musical performers, compositors and guitar ensembles. To sum up, they allow your guitar to sound as if it were a bass, a requinto, a cello, o the tonality you prefer.

Which materials and processes are applied to fabricate ED coated strings?

The material used to wound the nucleous of the string comes previously recovered with an special material layer which makes its useful life longer because it protects the string from normal wear. Magma ED strings provide professional musicians duration without losing new strings tone. Using this coated material gives as a result a barrier against corrosion and wear, (that can exhaust a string useful life and sound) making the string last from 3 to 5 times more than a traditional one. Besides, this coating gives a superior sound quality. Nowadays, the E.D. Magma line is available for acoustic, electric and bass guitar.

Which strings can I use if I am allergic to nickel?

A very small percentage of people are allergic to nickel. This can vary from a small irritation to rashes. If you are one of those people and your allergy is only nickel, you can solve your problem by using our strings made of stainless steel. Available for bass and electric guitar.

How do I string an electric guitar?

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How do I string an electric bass?

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How do I string a classic guitar?

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How do I string an acoustic guitar?

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Does Magma manufactures strings based on my own specifications?

One of the best resources that we offer is the technician string department. This allows any professional musician to creat his/her own set if there is not one available. All strings of our sets, as many others, are available to be included in personalized sets. We would pack individual strings as a set for any musician who requires it, all Magma distributors can order this together with their regular orders. And, if the store does not have the individual strings that the musician needs, we can send it to the store within few days. On the other hand, if it is an special string order, it can be made with a previous interview with detailed evaluation.

Is there any way musicians evaluate the quality of the strings qhen they open the set or change an old one?

The Magma set must have the anticorrosive sealed packaging and every string have to be packed in individual paper envelopes specially choosen to avoid humidity. Regarding the string, it has to be brilliant and soft at palpation form one end to the other . The consistency is impotant. A bad quality product would be inconsistent and this would be evident becuase the string would have stains or marks. Nevertheless, a marked wire would not necessarily affect the tone, but a stained string means that it has been stored in bad conditions.

I had some trouble with a string or set of strings, what should I do?

In magma we make strict quality controls and are commited to produce the gratest quality musical instruments strings. Although this can not be the case, remember that the early braking of the stirngs can be caused, between other reasons, by the wrong stringging or, the most common reason, caused by the irregular edges produced in the bridge after some time. This irregular edges are difficult to detect but can be merciless with the strings. If your string always brakes in the bridge, please make an examination by touching it, to check if the surface is soft. In case it has details or irregular edges go to your musical store or luthier in order to fix this common problem. We invite you to watch the videos with different tips to have into account when it comes to strings and instruments care in the "Our Web Tips" section.